Pontydydgu sucht Partner für E-Learning-Projekte

Graham Attwell hat eine Liste von Projekten veröffentlicht, an denen er und seine Kollegen von Pontydydgu gerne arbeiten würden. Ich mag ja diese Offenheit und wer weiß, vielleicht findet hier ja jemand Interesse an einem der Projekte:

Usually organisations keep their project ideas secret. But in the sprit of Web 2.0 and in a conviction that collaboration lies at the heart of innovation and development I am sharing the list of ideas for projects that we are currently thinking on.

If you are interested with collaborating with us on any of these ideas please do get in touch.

  1. Open Content. This would be a proposal for developing a community of practice around the production of Open Content involving four or five clusters of vocational schools in Europe.
  2. Ebloggers Europa. This would be a proposal to extend the work of Edubloggers in the UK to establish a European Community.
  3. Virtual exchange. This project would invlove the development of an immersive environment for virtual exchange visits.
  4. Social citizenship. This project would utilise immersive environments for learning about citizenship.
  5. Supporting open content and open source software in education
  6. Migration in Europe.
  7. Developing communities of practice. This would focus on the use of ICT to support distributed communities of practice.
  8. Culture and the use of ICT. This would look at the cultural issues involved in the adoption,development and (re) use of open content.
  9. Quality and open content - developing a distributed metadata approach to quality issues with open content.
  10. Peer assessment. developing systems and practice in peer assessment
  11. Personal Learning environments. Developing and piloting the use of Personal Leng environments in education and training.

Weiteresen bei Graham Attwell: e-Bidding 2.0.

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