My Favourite Tools

Ich habe mich auch mal hingesetzt und darüber nachgedacht, was denn so meine 10 wichtigsten Arbeitswerkzeuge sind. Dabei rausgekommen ist diese Liste:

  • Linux-based Root Server: Most of my communications and personal any part of the world I can log into the machine to use it.
  • Mutt: E-Mail still is the most important part of my communications.
  • Gajim: Jabber rocks! Gajim is a easy to use client for Instant Messaging over the jabber network.
  • Firefox: The Webbrowser, of course.
  • Vim: In my daily work writing is an important tasks.
  • Drupal: A wonderful system for building up community-based plattforms.
  • MoinMoin: An easy to install but powerful wiki engine.
  • IRC: I'm a lot on the Internet Relay Chat not only operating the Channel #E-Learning on Freenode.
  • The great thing on OpenOffice is that the windows version is exactly the same as the linux version.
  • FreeMind: A java based mind mapping software.



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