About zero inbox, mail clients and how to use e-mail

I have written a small post about how I use e-mails after reading the Ars Technica article:

I don't understand how most people use #e-mail as one of there communications tools and why they need there specific e-mail user agents which is different from my favorite mail client. But first a short description for what I'm using e-mail and how I am dealing with it.

Most mails are work related. I prefere to use e-mail as an one-to-one communications channel. I do aggressivley unsubscribe from any unwanted newsletters or mailinglist. Admin mails, wanted newsletters and mailing list mails are filterted by #procmail and sorted into different maildirs. I run my own smtp server and I run my own spam filter (mostly some syntax checks of the smtp dialog) because I like to know what's going on in the wild.


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