Enterprise 2.0 bei der ING Group?

Marcel de Ruiter, »Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist« bei der ING Group, hat kurz vor Weihnachten eine Liste mit 20 Punkten zusammengestellt, in denen er zusammenfasst, wozu er ein firmeninternes Social Network benutzen würde bzw. wozu er es benötigen würde. Kurz, warum er ein solches Social Network benötigt.

Die Liste ist interessant, viel spannender finde ich allerdings, dass man sich bei der Bankengruppe ING mit diesem Thema ernsthaft beschäftigt.

Weiterlesen bei Marcel de Ruiter: 20 things to do on a social network in the office.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for linking my post and leaving your comment on my blog.

From your post I read that you are a bit surprised to see ING engaging developments like Enterprise 2.0. Why is that so? Are things so much different in big companies in Germany?

Anyway, in terms of learning (a bit) about what I am doing, please find a post on discussing the unofficial enterprise 20 evangelist role in organisations, that was inspired by a post from another blogger.

Nice to get to know you through our blogs. ;-)

Best regards,

Hi Marcel,

it is really interesting to know organizations who uses social software internally. For many organzations »Enterprise 2.0« is a really new term. And so they are very interested in best practice examples.

My job at Nitor is it to give organizations some hints about how they could use social software and how it may works with there internal culture. This is the really interesting part of the Entprise 2.0-Thing ;-) And so it is for my customers and for me important to know about enterprises with a daily experience with social software. At the moment most of our customers are interested in implementing wikis as a kind of knowledge management systems. Some of our customers recognizes also that a lot of there employes are on social networks like XING and they wonder how they can use this for there organizations. But we also have to face that a lot of people never ever heard about things like wikis, weblogs or social networks.

So that's the reason why I'm happy about finding your blog ;-)


Hello Marcel,

we work just on a Widget which exactly adress these 20 points you listed - 100% fit, crazy. If you still have additional recommendation or requirements - welcome. The first prototype is realized already.

Input welcome!


Hallo zusammen,

wir arbeiten gerade an einem Widget welches genau diese 20 Punkte bieten soll - kein Schrez, war selber überrascht. Falls Ihr noch Input dazu habt - welcome. Ein ersten Prototyp steht dazu schon.

Freue mich auf eueren Input.