Softwarepatent: Der zweite Schritt

Das hat nicht lange gedauert: Nachdem Blackboard ein ziemlich weitreichendes Softwarepatent zugesprochen bekommen hat, verklagt man sogleich einen aufstrebenden Mitbewerber:

I was wrong: Blackboard's intentions are predatory, not defensive. It plans to use the patent weapon Soprano-style to crush competition and ruthlessly stifle all innovation in the elearning space. As soon as the ink was dry on the patent grant, Blackboard immediately filed a patent infringement claim against Desire2Learn, a small Canadian competitor which was just beginning to make modest inroads in the learning management space. Blackboard (with the recent "acquisition" of WebCT) now commands more than seventy-five percent of the market share for LMSs in US higher education. D2L was beginning to creep up past six and seven percent.

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