Ken is right: Appeal to Bloggers - keep it OPEN

In the #PLENK2010 General Discussion Forum Ken wrote an Appeal to Bloggers - keep it OPEN:

Hi All

This is an appeal to bloggers: many are posting interesting articles, and then allowing comments. Unfortunately, in order to post a comment, one has to have one of a series of other account (Google, etc).

Please, you're part of a MOOC. Keep in Open. Please don't force your readers to have to register on to something else in order to post a reply to your article. You're also doing yourself no favours, while you wonder why it appears that few people are interested in your blogs.

If this is beyond your control, then, perhaps you've selected an inappropriate blogging engine for the course?



I think he is right. It's the same thing behind the wiki idea: make it as simple as possible to others to let them share there thoughts. And indeed it is frustrating when you can't add a comment to an interesting blog post because you have no account at (as an example).