Week two: PLE vs. LMS

Week two of the PLENK2010 course. Sorry, this is a delayed posting because a had to work on other things.

What is a PLE?

  • Sources: shared content, serving as resources coming in
  • Conduits: posting, communications – shared postings out

The PLE is a unique interface into the owners digital environment. It integrates their personal and professional interests (including their formal and informal learning), connecting these via a series of syndicated and distributed feeds. The PLE is also a portfolio system allowing the user to maintain their repository of content and selectively share that content as needed. It is also a profile system, exposing the users interests in a variety of ways allowing automated, but selective search of the individual and their digital contributions. Of course, the PLE is a social as well as an information environment, connecting the user to individuals and cooperative events and activities throughout the Net.

Quote from Terry Anderson: PLE’s versus LMS: Are PLEs ready for Prime time?

Advantages of LMS:

  • privacy, intellectual property
  • sicher