Diving into the readings

This is the first week of the PLENK2010 MOOC.

My readings so far:

The Educause article is licenced under the creative common licence CC-NC-ND. It does allow me to republish Educause's pdf file but it dosen't allow me to distribute a rework of the file with my own annotations and thoughts on it. I think this shows the problem with some not-so-free licences especially for massive open online courses. I'm not allowed to share my private rework on course relevant ocuments with the other participants because that would be a republishing of a derivative work.

On Twitter I had a discussion with @Dave_Ferguson (Dave's Blog) about this:

<tschlotfeldt> *gnargl* how can we use a document under the CC-NC-ND licence in a massive open online course? #plenk2010

<Dave_Ferguson> -@tschlotfeldt CC-NC-ND="share/distribute the whole, w/attrib, noncommercial" So give item/link w/ approp attrib. #plenk2010

<tschlotfeldt> @Dave_Ferguson yeah, but i'd like to annotate, rearrange and mix the informationn together with others work. Impossible with CC-ND.

<Dave_Ferguson> -@tschlotfeldt I get that. Still, I'm happy to use good material at all & figure it's only fair to honor the terms of the CC license.

<Dave_Ferguson> -@tschlotfeldt Like the photos I often add to blog posts: I've got a search string to find "adapt" so I'm not disappointed. ;-)

<tschlotfeldt> @Dave_Ferguson it's not possible to take the pdf »EDUCAUSE: 7 Things you...« and publish the rework to the #plenk2010 course, for example

<tschlotfeldt> @Dave_Ferguson but it' not a big deal, just my thoughts on the cc-nd licence #plenk2010 #cc #mooc

<Dave_Ferguson> -@tschlotfeldt 1/2 Yes, I follow But: 7 Things/PLE (BY NC ND): you could include link, put own comments in front. #plenk2010

<Dave_Ferguson> -@tschlotfeldt 2/2 Else, yep, find another resource.Under all CC is creator's choice; copyright in casual clothes.