First online session today

Today at 12 noon Eastern Time (that is 18:00 CEST in Germany) I'll attend to the pre-course online session. The session will be held in Ellumaniate, a java based virtual classroom tool. The facilitators will show us how to get most out this course.



I decided today to take part at the plenk2010 course,too, but I'm afraid that I can't attend the pre-course session today. Let's see, I hope it will be recorded.

At the timetable linked at the plenk blog entree shows 19pm as the corresponding time in Germany: . Maybe it is because of our summer time?


Anja, thank you for your comment. Now I'm a little bit confused about the correct time ;-) My assumption for the Eastern Time was EDT – Eastern Daylight Time. That's exactly six hours behind our time zone (CEST – Central European Summer Time). Am I wrong?